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Parachute jump raises £3,300 for homeless

YIPPEE !!! I have won my game, with freedom, ease and barely a drama in sight!!

I got a team of 6 people together to do a parachute jump, raising money for a brighton based homeless charity. The original goal was 20 people jumping to raise £2,000 all together. We ended up raising £3,300!!! between just 6 of us!!! A Game well and truely won.

The money is providing the homeless service users to do activities they have never had the chance to do, and self development workshops and life skill seminars. This game has been sooo much fun, I got to throw myself out of a plane, at 12,000 ft, with my husband and some of my best friends and raise a great sum of money, creating opportunities for others.

What had my game happen with complete freedom and ease was enrollment from the very beginning and then the whole team being accountable and causing each other. Thankyou to the whole team for who you all are, I acknowledge you all, my life continues to suprise me how amazing it is and you are all a big part of that now and always will..LARA.

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