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Turning into a Winner in Business

My name is Rowan Andrews and when I started the Team Management and Leadership Program, I got to see how the point of view I have of myself, that I’m just a loser and my life will never work out the way I want it to had total control over me. And while it was really upsetting to see, it was at the same time, liberating.

I also saw for myself all the structures I had created in my life, that ensured I fulfilled on being that point of view.

One structure that soon showed up was in my work. I had a business that was not doing very well, and really had no future, wasn’t going anywhere, and had very little income. When I looked at my company’s board I saw how it was a structure to fulfill on my business being a loser because I was the only person on it!

So after my first weekend on the programme, I created the possibility of being a winner and enrolled a team of winners to join my board. So now I have a group of board members who advise me and help me run my sports marketing business and they are all winners. They include one of the UK’s top marketing experts, a top city lawyer, the chairman of one of the largest privately owned public relations companies, and an Olympic gold medallist! Since I’ve had that team in place we’ve overhauled the brand, our proposition, and the services we provide. We’ve also won several substantial and prestigious pieces of business, and have created a firm financial footing going forward. And I’m now working on the most exciting work of my career and I’m a winner. It’s amazing!

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