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Finding Love and Romance

My name is Konnie Daniel. I was working as a Make-up artist in films and television before I started the Team Management and Leadership Program in December 2002.

Work was the only important thing in my life. I had hardly any contact with my family back in Germany. Having a family myself was not possible because the world is a scary place and you have to be independent and self contained so you can’t be hurt.

In the Program I came to see it is a very limited life I had allowed for myself. I created that, over the course of the year I could give up my internal story that ‘this is the only way to live my life’ and let other people in and allow them to contribute. Now I have got my family in Germany back and I see them on a regular basis. I have a Partner I love and we are having a baby in October.

I am still working as Make-up Artist, but now I have love and contribution from other people in my life. All this was not possible for me before the course.

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