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My name is Tom Barwood and I am an educational presenter.  So some people may think that the magic of the Team Management and LeadershipProgram finishes when you leave the course. Wrong! Once you have the technology you can use it to create amazing things.

A year after I had finished the course I was asked by a school in Tonbridge, Kent if I would be prepared to do a presentation to all of the Year 11 students in three of the High schools in the town. This was a total of five hundred and eighty sixteen year olds, from three of the least academic schools in the town.

Initially I simply wanted to say No but instead I chose to say Yes.

Using team management and leadership I managed to create a day in which we educated, informed, entertained and fed all of those students – and all within budget.

I got an airline pilot and an Everest mountaineer involved. Also the mayor and various other people – but the most important thing was that the clients were delighted, my team really enjoyed it, I felt like a true leader – and it didn’t feel like particularly hard work. The kids themselves were superb and there was not one incident despite it being one boys school, a girls and one mixed – all of whom apparently don’t like each other.

The experience lifted my company and my view of myself as a presenter to an entirely different level.

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