As Team North America, we came together in Dallas in February 2015 for our quarterly training. During that weekend we were honored with the opportunity to watch a compilation of videos of Games in The World our fellow teammates are causing all over the planet. And Team & Beyond is […]

Games In The World Video – February 2015

  At-ten-TION! For-ward MARCH! Pre-sent ARMS! One may associate these strict military commands with the rigor you experience when you have Akeisha Johnson on your team as Team 2 Team Lead. She has her collection of all Team, Management, & Leadership Program (TMLP) design statements, Communication distinctions, and any tool […]

The Oshun Project – Rigorous Contribution to Haiti

What’s worse than getting by on one meal a day? Having to share that meal with your only companion; the one that only you acknowledge as significant. This is the breakdown Brian Daly became fully aware of and decided to create a plan for transformational impact. Through Landmark’s distinctions and teamwork, […]

BONE APPETIT Provides Meals on Wheels for Pets

Do you have Landmark poems you wrote and stashed away?  Why not share them?  Send them to me,, and let’s make an anthology!  Here are some of mine, which I hope you’ll enjoy. All of us read sonnets in high school!   If you don’t recall, a sonnet has 14 lines, […]

Landmark in Sonnets

Brian Weinberg2
The man with the funny hair has a name, and his name is Rob Pinna. He is the Team 1 Team Lead for the Denver/Salt Lake City based team in Landmark’s Team, Management, and Leadership program. Ask Rob who he is and he will tell you – dad, husband, entrepreneur. […]

Seeing Divorced Families in a New Paradigm

Jennifer Douglas, the spirit of TMLP in the Pacific Northwest In mid-December I took the Power to Create Course, I did an exercise that changed my life, the exercises on stopping the “old” conversations that really pulled me out of my identity.  I returned to work with plans for assisting in […]

My Life is No Longer About Me!

Receiving Communication From Others I’m Navin Prasad. I try to get something out of Team, Management, and Leadership Program (TMLP) every week. When I started TMLP, I was very judgmental, assessing people from the perspective of right or wrong, and I always want to be right. There were communication I […]

Choosing Extraordinary

(David Phemister is developing software that will report abuse and neglect of the elderly, so that all institutions will be monitored.)   David, I don’t know you very well, tell me something about yourself. When I was 16 I was a rebellious high school dropout. My mother sent me to […]

Giving the Elderly a Voice against Abuse and Neglect

Ty Lav (Team SW T1Q4) interviewed by Reeni Samuel (Team SW T1Q3) “Consider being a cave man and my responsibility ended after I brought food home. To clean and help have food distributed among family members was none of my business.” That was Ty Lav prior to being part of […]

From My Way to Team’s way

Kamela Laird Team San Francisco – T2Q4 (T2Q3 when interviewed) Interviewed on Oct 2, 2013 by Connie Chow from Team San Francisco – T1Q1 Written on Feb 9, 2014 by Connie Chow from Team San Francisco – T1Q2 My very first weekend on TEAM in San Francisco started out fairly […]

Altruism? No way! Or Yes way.